Vision Coaching

My life coaching processes help people grow and evolve in ways that are meaningful, fulfilling, and sustainable—for them. They are based on the four steps in my book, Endorphinomics, The Science of Human Flourishing, and my 25 years of coaching and consulting.

People who benefit most from my coaching are typically going through or anticipating a major life transition such as retiring, changing careers, selling a business, divorce, or loss of a life partner. I often work with a competent financial advisor to help my clients simplify complex decisions involving finances, the future, and quality of life. College age people and graduates can benefit from my workshops.

You and I will collaborate over the phone, unless you live close to my office. We will start by clarifying what you want to accomplish, experience, change, or solve. Then you will define a positive vision and set meaningful goals. Finally, we will create and implement an action plan to align your life with your vision.

Your Best Possible Retirement

(Coaching/Consulting/Scenario Planning/Investment Advise)

I will help you define what you want to accomplish, experience, and see when full time work is optional. Then we will work with registered investment advisor to develop a realistic and achievable action plan. With a positive vision and sustainable cash flow you will turn your retirement into re-inspirement, the happiest, most fulfilled years of your life.

Get Your Sparkle Back after Losing a Life Partner

(Coaching/Consulting/Scenario Planning/Investment Advise)

Losing a “significant other,” through death or divorce, is one of the most stressful events in life. The fastest and most effective way to recover is to set meaningful goals and take action to take charge of your life. Then we will work with a qualified investment advisor who can position and manage your resources to support a long and fulfilling life.

Maximize Your Personal & Financial Benefits When Selling

(Coaching/Consulting/Scenario Planning/Investment Advise/Team Leadership)

Selling a business is often the biggest and most important transaction of the owner’s life. I help people who are considering a business sale to clarify the “payoffs” they need to afford to do what they really want to do. We develop a Personal and Financial Success Criteria that prioritizes your “must haves” Then we work with a team of other professionals to help you design and implement the optimal business succession plan—for you.

Discover Your Ideal Work—Your Callingg_coaching_vision_02

(Career Counseling/Personal Marketing Tools/Job Landing Strategies)

Identify your strengths and interests and where you want to express them. Determine if you should start your own business or find a job. Find work you love that calls to you. Earn more than you need. I will help you identify your peak work successes and develop a powerful “resume” that showcases you at your best. Then, we will prepare and implement a marketing action plan to help you land the perfect position or build the perfect business—for you.

Steve, you were the one that asked me, ‘Why don’t you start your own business?’ I replied, ‘What, I never thought about owning my own company. The rest is history.’ — Melinda Mullis, Marketing Agency Owner

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