Steve’s Inspiring Keynote Speeches

Empower Your Audience to Flourish at Work & in Life

45 to 75 Minute High-content, Interactive Presentations


Steve is a dynamic and humorous speaker who ignites his audiences’ imagination and positive emotions. He brings out the best in people by connecting them with their unique powers, passions, and purpose

Participants learn proven strategies and skills they can apply immediately and benefit from forever.

Business Audiences

Flourish at Work—Do More, Laugh More, Earn More

Apply cutting-edge research in positive psychology, neuroscience, and peak performance to make your work less stressful and more engaging. Learn the role positive emotions play in Increasing your productivity and income. Discover the secret to building strong teams and expressing more of your untapped potential. Learn how to create an upward spiral of individual and team flourishing. Participants leave with strategies for getting more done with less stress and effort.

Discover Your Personal Powers for Optimum Productivity

We are happiest and most productive at work when we are expressing our personal powers—the things we naturally do best. People whose interests and abilities are well matched with their work earn more money, live longer, are more innovative, optimistic, energetic, and adaptable . Discover how to tap into your peak productivity zone to get more done with less effort. Learn how to minimize your stress while maximizing your positivity, productivity and fulfillment. Participants identify a “Personal Power” that they want to develop and use more often.

Getting Inside Your Prospect’s’ Heads—The Neuroscience of Selling

Learn the secrets of neuroscience that top investment advisors use to land multimillion dollar accounts Learn the motivations that drive all human behavior. Practice a techniques for melting resistance and creating instant trust. Discover how to identify each prospect’s unique subconscious motivations including, “must haves” and “deal killers.” Then guide prospects through a natural decision-making process. Learn a simple way to build strong desire for your product or service. Participants lean simple, science-based techniques to discover how to harness each prospects’ inner motivations and desires.

You were by far the best speaker that we’ve ever had. Your ability to reach the audience was superb.— Max DeZemplin, President, Preferred Financial Advisory

General Audiences

Endorphinomics—4 Steps to Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Learn the key insights from Steve’s new book. Hear what scientists know about success and happiness. Discover universal human wants and needs that we must satisfy to experience lasting satisfaction and fulfillment. Understand how your “three brains” impact your thoughts, behaviors, and life experience. Learn how your instincts and intuitions can sabotage, or enhance, your happiness. Discover the secret to getting on the upward spiral of human flourishing. Participants leave inspired and empowered to experience greater well-being, in all areas of their lives.

Your Best Possible Retirement—Keys to a Long, Healthy, and Fulfilling Life

For people considering retiring or who have recently retired. Discover what will make life after full-time work your happiest, most fulfilling years yet. Learn how to avoid costly mistakes that diminish your quality of life and reduce your financial independence. Reconnect with your passions and purpose. The secrets of a long, healthy, and meaningful life. Participants identify a passion they want to pursue when they have the time and resources.

Debunking the American Happiness Myth—The Science of Wealth & Fulfillment

American culture tells us that getting rich is the key to happiness. But, scientific research has discovered that it’s the other way around. Wealth doesn’t create happiness; happiness creates wealth. Learn how happiness leads to wealth and how to apply this paradox to flourish. Participants learn how to maximize their financial independence and quality of life.

Building Better Relationships—The Science of Positive Connections

Strong relationships are essential for a flourishing life. People are our greatest joys and most important resources. Learn how to enhance and deepen all of your relationships and how to deal with toxic people. Discover what it takes to create lasting, win-win relationships. Practice simple ways to connect quickly with anyone. Participants learn techniques to build relationships and generate stronger bonds with family, friends, and colleagues.

Steve, your presentation was highly anticipated and you definitely lived up to the expectations. There was never a dull moment—you were dynamic from the time you got up until the time you sat down.— Kristen Ivardi, Strategy Institute

Organizations in Canada, the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand hire Steve for multiple engagements because of his outstanding evaluations and lasting impact.