Vision Coaching & Business Development Consulting

Get On The Upward Spiral of Human Flourishing

For over 25 years, I’ve helped entrepreneurs, professionals, small business owners, retirement planners, and wealth managers build profitable businesses. My specialty is integrating and balancing work and life. Loving what you do when you are working and when you are financially independent is one keys to flourishing.

Because of my unique combination of both life coaching and business/financial consulting expertise, I also help people plan for and enjoy a flourishing retirement.

Vision Coaching is about bring out the best in people. Whether you are growing a business, building your career, investing financial freedom, or planning for retirement, flourishing starts with a positive vision. I start by asking meaningful questions that help you define what you want to accomplish and experience in the future. That means looking within, exploring options, establishing priorities, establishing budgets, and documenting your “ideal” future. Then I coach and consult with you as you take action to turn your vision into reality.

Consulting is about setting realistic goals and identifying specific strategies and tactics that have the highest probability of success. This means identifying your current resources and potential future resources and prioritizing your interests, strengths, and skills. Then we create realistic and achievable goals and an Action Plan. Finally, we implement your plan to turn your vision into reality.

You’ve provided a wealth of excellent ideas to us over the past few years. With your help, our business is not just ‘bigger’, but ‘better.’ — H.B. Smith, MBA, CIMA

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