Your Powerful Agent for Positive Change

A Life-Long Entrepeneur

I began my career as a freelance magazine and advertising photographer. I often photographed fashion and celebrities, including Clint Eastwood and Doris Day.

In my early 30’s I decided I wanted to do something more significant than take pictures of pretty things and people. After going through career counseling, I accepted a position as a representative for an investment company. I called on financial advisors in Southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico, honing my speaking and sales skills by making 15 to 25 group presentations every week.

In 1989, I founded American Business Visions, LLC (ABV), a publishing, training, and consulting company to help entrepreneurs build profitable businesses. Since then, I’ve inspired, trained, and coached thousands of self-employed professionals and small business owners to build profitable companies that support a high quality of life.

I’ve also helped several national companies transform their top investment sales people into more client-centered retirement advisors, increasing their productivity, income, and work satisfaction.

In 1999, I founded Endorphin Zone New Media to share my research on human flourishing with people from all ages and walks of life.
In 2014, I co-founded Blue Dolphin Investment & Retirement Strategists, a firm that applies my research to help their clients flourish in retirement. To accomplish that goal, we combine the science of flourishing, life coaching, scenario planning, financial advice, and wealth management.

An International Expert & Speaker

When I was 10 years old, I used my paper route profits to create a magic act and discovered my talent for entertaining and inspiring people. As a professional speaker, I’ve shared my success strategies with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of other organizations throughout North America, Australia, and New Zealand. I have consulting clients in the USA, Canada, England, and Australia.

For 10 years, I wrote a popular monthly column, The Business of Advice for Dow Jones’ Investment Advisor magazine.

In 1999, I published my first book, Effort-Less Marketing for Financial Advisors: Five Steps to a Super Profitable Business and a Wonderful Life.It has become a classic for client-centered retirement planners and wealth managers and was published in simplified Chinese in mainland China.

A Focus on Success and Happiness

My business clients are bottom-line oriented. Many of them believe that to be financially successful they must sacrifice their quality of life. Paradoxically, my research revealed that wealth doesn’t create happiness; happiness creates wealth. That’s why I encourage people to integrate their interests, strengths, and passions into their work—and financial success inevitably follows.

When we’re engaged at work and happy at home, our positive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors lead us on a upward spiral of flourishing—in business and in life. And people who achieve a happy, fulfilling, and financially sustainable retirement live longer and healthier lives.

My new book, Endorphinomics: The Science of Human Flourishing, combines my insights from 25 years of business consulting in the retirement planning and wealth management industry. In it, I present my four step, science-based process for living your best possible life—a life you love.

I’ve been using the “Moeller Method” to build my business for the last three years and can truly say it has changed my life. I’m working with a much higher level clientele and am generating some of my most profitable clients ever! The processes have been successful beyond all of my expectations.— Scott Chelberg, San Diego, Calif.